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Easynet provides internet connection for all sizes of business. From a small one man office in the suburbs, to a large city office block we can tailor a solution for you.

If you just need basic ADSL Broadband, then the theoretical maximum speed if your house is right next to the local telephone exchange is 20MB. The speed you get will be less than this. It is limited by the length of the phone wire from your house to the locat telephone exchange and the quality of the wires and joints in that phone wire. In premesis wiring and sockets and connecting multiple phones/faxes/answerign machines also slow the top speed. An average user with good phone line might typically get download speeds of 8Mbps for much of the day. People along way from the exchange migh sturggle to get 1Mbps download speed. Someone very close to the exchange may get over 15Mbps

If you need even faster downloads, or need fast upload speed, please contact us to discuss what other technologies might be avaiallbe at your location

Call or email us to discuss your specific need. 02 9999 0319

Easynet ADSL broadband - good news:

  • Our broadband can be installed Australia-wide, wherever broadband works.
  • Flexible monthly payment options include: Direct deposit (cash or bank transfer), cheques, money orders, or automatic or manual processing of Bankcard, Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX. All payment methods are equal - there are no additional processing fees for any of them! Each month is invoiced monthly in advance.
  • If your ADSL service with us has data limits, then we will notify you directly if you are going over the limit, or if you went over in the last month, or repeatedly over the past few months. We will not invoice for the excess retrospectively, instead if you are repeatedly over limit then we will discuss your usage patterns so that a more suitable data limit can be defined. If your internet connection is bandwidth based rather than data based then no data limits apply. For either data or bandwidth services we discuss your future needs whenever you are approaching or exceeding your negotiated limits.
  • Child email accounts are economical subsidiary accounts, billed to your main account, to provide extra mail boxes, web storage space, web sites for multiple domains, etc.
  • There are no session time-outs. Stay on as long as you like. Shaped or dedicated link options. Pricing depends on your specific data and performance requirements
  • In the members area of our web site you can review all your invoices and payments, change credit card details, passwords etc, all on secure encrypted web pages.
  • Easynet offers the highest grade of technical support. Most of our phone staff, personal trainers and staff sent to sites, are graduate electronic engineers or computer scientists and are good problem solvers. email or call us on 02 99990319
  • Our email boxes include commercial grade spam mail detection and removal FREE . This removes over 95% of all junk mail you would otherwise receive. You should of course add additional spam removal software and rules in your own computer. (Virus removal is your responsibility, and is recommended)
  • You can associate domains with your account. (Domain purchase and hosting is low cost - ask for a quote to suit your specific requirements)
  • You can request a static IPs if you are running services that need them

Additional Information on Domestic ADSL Broadband, and billing and payments:

  • Broadband can only be purchased by the owner of the actual phone number, so the actual street address as indicated on your phone statements, must be used in the application
  • Who to call with problems
    - If having problems with your normal phone service contact your telephone carrier (be sure to tell them Broadband is connected, so they don't accidentally disconnect it during repairs).
    - If your normal phone is OK but broadband is faulty or intermittent, contact us (Easynet) and we will investigate. For broadband, if  you contact your telephone company first, without us instructing you to do so, your telephone company may charge you fees including no fault found fees. So we recommend yo contact us first.
  • Your invoices are in calendar months, in advance. The first month invoice is reduced to the pro-rata portion of month remaining, rather than invoicing the full month.
  • ADSL is not a portable service, it is linked to a physical copper phone wire and its associated phone number. If you move premises your broadband account needs to be terminated. You then purchase a new broadband service for the new phone line.  However you can retain your email address and your account history.
  • If your phone carrier disconnects your phone for late payment, or other reasons, or you cancel your phone service with your phone carrier, or you keep the same phone number but change phone providers or move house, then Telstra will usually physically disconnect the broadband wiring at their exchange within 5 days. If this happens it is classed as you terminating your broadband contract as there is no valid phone number for service to be provided. When you get your phone line reinstated, the broadband is not reinstated. To get broadband reconnected broadband setup fees would apply. Note also that although the service is closed you will continue to be charged ADSL monthly fees until you notify us of the termination, and we in turn have to notify our ADSL wholesaler. (Your phone carrier may continue to charge you for the phone line while it is off as well). Therefore if moving house and/or changing phone number or phone provider, it is best to talk to us first to discuss ways to minimise charges from all parties involved.
  • If your broadband copper phone line remains the same, but you are changing the phone number, a request to your carrier to have the broadband linked to the new number should be made well in advance, or broadband would terminate (as in the above point.)
  • When you are making other changes to your phone service you should let your telephone carrier know that you have ADSL on the line and that you do not want them to make any changes that will cause it to stop. If your carrier does do something that terminates the ADSL there may be a 4 day window for you to let us know and us to let Telstra know, so that Telstra does not disconnect the ADSL completely
  • Invoicing is monthly in advance by email. Invoices are also statements. A positive balance means your account is in credit, a negative balance means you owe money. Receipts are also sent by email. 
  • You can specify any email address for us to use for invoices and correspondence.
  • Temporary account blocking normally occurs 11-20 days after invoice, so you have around 5 days to pay plus 5 days for it to get to us and be applied to your account. 
  • Our accounts system also accepts advance over-payment. It then automatically applies appropriate portions of this to each new invoice until used up.
  • Unused data does not carry forward month to month
  • If you have set your account payment method for automatic credit card processing, then other services you take from us along with excess data will be automatically processed the same way. Our system will send email statements in advance, and then email receipts after successful credit card processing. We will allow at least 10 days after invoice before processing credit cards
  • If you breach our acceptable usage policy your email and possibly your internet connection will be terminated without notice.
  • Any variation to the price of yor service, up or down, will be notified by email in advance. All announcements are emailed to the same email address we email your statements to.
  • Even though our system is reliable and robust we do not provide guarantee of data backup for any data you decide to keep on our servers. You must keep your own backups. Also we recommend that you transfer your incoming emails from our mail servers to your own computers frequently.
  • Late payments may incur interest penalties at 2% per month.
  • Bounced cheques and failed credit cards may result in Easynet invoicing you $20 minimum for contacting you, manually reprocessing payment, and writing the original payment back out of our on-line accounts, plus any penalty fees charged to us by the banking institutions involved.
  • Broadband speed achieved is is limited by distance your phone line run is from your local telephone exchange. If you are too far out Broadband may not be available at all. In each exchange there are limited broadband connections. If none are currently available more are usually added down the track. Before we process your order we verify broadband is available. If you are getting a new phone line put in, specify you require it to work for broadband at time of order, so that your carrier allocates you one of the lines in your street that is broadband capable, rather than one that is not. Too many telephone units and/or a back to base alarm system on the line can reduce broadband performance, or even stop it completely
  • Domestic Broadband does not have guaranteed throughput, delay or packet loss end to end.
  • Should you wish to terminate your service, you only need to notify us at least 18 days prior to the end of your last month of service. Pro-rata closure periods are not possible.

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