Critical PC data storage We come out to you and identify all of the folders and files that should be being backed up on your computer including the the obvious like "My Documents' and the less obvious like 'email address book' or 'favourites'. Then we set up your computer to be able to back them all up either automatically or manually.

There are many optional methods of backing up depending on your computer power and configuration. (Burn to disk/memoury stick/external drive, or copy to a second computer or hard drive, copy to our off site backup area, etc)

Call us to discuss what options might suit you and how much they might cost. There is no obligation, and the discussion is free.

Automated off site back up In your office it is good practice to back up key data each day and to send rotating copies of it off site. This protects you from fire, theft, staff malicious action, viruses and hackers. Most companies start out with the best intentions then over time off-site backups are done less and eventually not even transfered off-site. You are then only protected against hard drive failures and file corruptions, which while common are less frequent than the above mentioned causes of data loss. We can solve this.

Before you dismiss this, what is the cost to your business if you loose everything on all your computers, and your backup disks are gone as well. Computers can be replaced and software programs loaded the same day. But there is nothing on them related to your company - accounts, customers, correspondence, emails, letterheads, your products - the lot.

Easynet has a number of servers for the storage of customer data off-site via the net. We set your computers, office or home, to automatically send back up copies of all important data up to our servers on a regular basis. In the event of data loss we can send out an engineer to retrieve the data and re-install it in your computers into the appropriate places. With the advent of reliable broadband this is now a practical solution for all companies.

Our only disclaimer is that we cannot take primary responsibility for your data. The data you send to us is normally considered the secondary backup, and certainly not your primary data storage. In other words we do not normally back up the backups and data could be lost from our servers from time to time. Also if for you send us rubbish that is what we store. In other words, after your computer data is compromised, notify us immediately and stop sending us backups, otherwise within a number of days you may have overwritten all the uncorrupted backup revisions you have on our servers.

Call us to discuss if we have a solution that gives you peace of mind.

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