Log into the members area: In this secure section of our web site you can:
  • See what you currently owe
  • Review your past invoices and payments history
  • Request changes to your service
  • Request changes to your password
  • Update your address and phone contact details
  • Update your credit card details
Web-Mail: Click and log in to check your Easynet email box from anywhere using a web browser without the need for an email program. (EG from work or while traveling) Tips:
  • The first time you use it an Options screen shows up. Look at the name you people will see when you send email from web-mail. If your do not like the default one change it. Do not change any other options they are all OK. Especially do not set any of the Spam filtering options, as the mail is already filtered with a far more powerful Spam filter. 
  • When in the in box, to open a message click on the subject
  • Put ticks in the boxes on the right to select a group of messages, select a folder you want to move them to, then click move. (EG use this to delete items)
  • Deleted items placed in the trash folder are automatically deleted seven days later. 
  • Once you collect email using a conventional email program, it is normally then removed from the in box on our server so will no longer be visible in web-mail. If you want it to remain so multiple people can review the messages, call us for set-up instructions.
Contact Us: Click for our contact details. 

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