Link multiple computers & internet (LAN): Whether you have two or 40 computers we can configure them to work together as a 'Local Area Network' (LAN). We can also organise running wires or adding wireless connections. This then allows:

  Any or all computers to access the net via the one connection.
  Data to be regularly backed up from one computer to another. 
     (This is a quick and low cost method of back up.)
  Some data to be shared between computer users, some to be kept personal
  Some or all printers to be shared. (They do not need to be network printers)

Call to make an appointment for us to visit you and discuss your particular needs.

Securely network multiple offices (WAN): We upgrade each of your offices to Commercial Grade Internet Connection. Then we configure your Routers and Firewalls so that, as well as normal internet connection, each site has a private secure trunk line via the net between its branches, anywhere in the world. 

The secure private trunk is termed a 'Virtual Private Network' (VPN). It allows the local networks at each office to communicate with the networks at your other offices, making one big 'Wide Area Network' (WAN) where all computers in all your offices can share data, and work on the same documents and databases.

Data backed up via the WAN provides off-site protection against loss of data due to theft or fire where computers and the backups would otherwise be destroyed.

Connect home & laptops to office (WAN): Once you have a LAN or WAN it is useful to allow sales staff to access while away from the office, yet still keep your office network safe from hackers and competitors.

For key staff, their productivity can be increased by allowing them to work from home by making their home computer part of the office network. Staff can even semi-retire and work from their retirement home elsewhere in the world as though they were in the office.

We can make this happen for you. Call us to discuss the many options.

Mobile Executive: This is similar to the above, where we set-up your executives notebook computer to access the net via broadband and/or dial-up wherever they are in Australia or the world. We can even provide them with secure access into parts of your office LAN

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