Personal Trainers

One-to-one custom training These are usually focused on ensuring newer Net users get the maximum benefit from the Net. Training is run at your home of office. The topics are set by you, so we cover whatever topics you need help with, We give suggestions and ideas if you are not sure what you need to learn. Others in your family or office can sit and watch, however the training is focused to one person. In a few hours you are likely to learn as much as you would over a term in a group class. This is because we can quickly jump past the Internet and computer skills you already possess. Training costs $66.00 per hour, minimum of two hours in a session. Usually 2 to 3 hours is all you can absorb in a single intensive session. (Travel is charged at $44 flat fee for much of Sydney) 

The most common subjects people want help with are email, advanced email, filing on the computer, backups security and networking. We do not normally do training modules for specific programs such as word, excel or MYOB, but we can.

An added benefit of personal training is that our trainers quite often notice things not set up efficiently on your computer, making it or you much slower. They will fix this or correct what you are doing wrong on the spot. This is then achieved at our $66 training rate rather than our $88to $250/hr on site support rates.

Our trainers are able to explain things very clearly in non-technical terms, so make an appointment and try us out. Call or email our general sales numbers. 

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