Commercial grade filtering of junk emails

Once you have an email addresses or your domain is routed via our main Easynet mail servers, you get Commercial Grade Spam and Junk mail filtering FREE. For the non-technical this means that over 98% of junk mail that would otherwise end up in your mail box never makes it and does not waste your time in downloading, reading and deleting. A service this powerful normally costs $150/mail box/month.

For the technically interested here is some of what we do to every email to decide if it gets to your in box:

  • Email addressed to special addresses that would trigger the mail server to send to all users are all blocked and our mail server merely send an error message back to the source.
  • Every incoming email indicates what mail server it came from, so we test the source server to see it is real before each email is allowed to arrive.
  • Mail is rejected if it comes from a mail server that has been black listed for sending Spam. We test every email against not one, but four black lists!
  • Mail must be directly addressed to valid users with email accounts on Easynet.
  • Executable attachments are removed from all incoming emails.
  • Every email is analyzed and given a score for Spam like properties. If it scores too high it is trashed. (points are added for such things as too many addressees, too many addressees with consecutive names, the F word used too many times, tricks used by spammers, current common Spam or mass mail virus formats such as all the rolex watch, viagra, or real-estate emails)
  • We then add to this score using a second program that tests with different parameters - double scored.

If the email address you use is in the form then you have commercial grade Spam filtering. If not call us to get it.

Virus protection & firewalls It is easy to install virus protection or full computer security protection. It is also easy to get settings wrong or to have internet usage practices that still allow hackers, viruses, trojans or malware to get into your computer. For example most antivirus programs do not even check for spyware, malware, dialer thieves or browser thieves or adware, so you need to install other programs to regularly check for these and remove them. Yet it is usually these viruses that track your bank passwords and credit card details and pass them back through the net to others, not viruses.

Unfortunately the Internet environment evolves very quickly and you need to keep updating and retraining to ensure you stay ahead of problems. (Only five years ago Spam and viruses were unheard of. Many people still think viruses arrive as attachments to email whereas only 15% of viruses get into your computer that way)

Call Easynet to discuss if you are adequately protected against threats and if the settings in your computer and web surfing program will still allow them to slip in.

For Sydney customers we can visit you to test the security of your computer, or to train you in safe internet practices. We can also test or provide firewalls if needed. If you are contemplating or are already on broadband. Complete security protection is essential as your computer and interface modem is usually on the net all the time and has a single IP address for long periods, giving hackers and viruses plenty of time to get into your system.

Virus, Malware and Spyware removal Even if you are careful you may still end up with nasty things in your computer that may quickly or slowly destroy all your data and your programs and may steal your bank and other passwords and your credit card details.

For Sydney customers Easynet can visit you remove the viruses, lock down your computer security and train you in how to keep it locked down. (We also have engineers in Brisbane and Melbourne who can come to your site). Our charges are low. 

Often if you take an infected computer to a computer store repair centre, they tell you it is not cost effectively repairable and that the quick fix is to install a new hard drive, operating system and other software. This fixes the problem and they get to sell some hardware and software, but you often loose data, loose old programs for which you no longer have the disks, and you spend many days re-loading and configuring all your software. If it proves possible for our engineers to remove the Viruses/Malware/Spyware/Trojans and to update your protection, you will save money, time, and loss of data and programs. Also you will be better protected for the future, minimizing chances of the problems getting in again.

Call us as soon as you suspect your computer has a problem. Once viruses are in many of them alter the settings in your computer to allow more viruses in, so the amount of non-recoverable damage can increase rapidly.

Our normal sequence for resolving your virus problems is:

a) We discuss your symptoms by phone and either tell you it is not a virus, or suggest some tests to either fix the problem or verify its nature. This is FREE for our customers.

b) If we are unsure of the problem, or to may be minor we send someone to your site install test software, conduct tests, and do basic reconfiguration and repair. This will either fix the problem, identify faulty hardware, or identify a major virus problem that is harder to remove. $44 call out, then $100/hour

c) If faulty hardware, we may be able to quote to take the computer to our lab to fix hardware problems. (E.G. problems such as an old hard drive starting to go faulty and have errors, or not enough RAM etc) This is quite low cost for us to do. Many customers also get us to upgrade their computer in the process - adding a DVD burner for example. We will provide a quote before proceeding

d) For major entrenched viruses that damaged the software and need to be removed while retaining as much as possible of the original programs or data, we can provide guidance as to if you need a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) or some other sort of specialist


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