Web sites designed, 
why pay more?
Our prices are low our quality is high, and you do not need to have connection or hosting services from us to get us to build or fix your web sites.

For a basic web site, where you provide the text, images and logos ready to go, the price can be as little as $100 to build the page and publish it to the net. Web pages built by us are technically correct such that they are viewable by all browsers and all operating systems and by all computer monitor settings commonly used. Many web developers do not have the technical skills to make pages work correctly, we do. If an ISP cant get it right who can?

For more comprehensive web sites we try to quote a fixed price to avoid you getting surprises.

For subsequent changes to your site we do not rip you off. Our prices are still low. For example if you call or email us and need to change a few paragraphs on a page, or change the contact phone or staff details on a page, the total price to make the change and publish to the net is typically around $20

Other services we can provide. We can use all the tricks to get your site listed with as many search engines as possible and well positioned in search results

Upgrading existing web sites Many people have a friend of a friend, or an employee who insists on building the pages. Such pages usually have problems (They may work on windows computes but not MACs, or only work properly when viewed via Internet Explorer, or they do not adjust their size, colour and layout to suit different screen resolutions and sizes used by the public.)  Or it may just be that to save money you have built the web pages yourself. 

We invite you to get us to quote to fix up your pages and make them technically correct. If they currently look good we may be able to do this without even changing the appearance, so your friend does not even know they have been enhanced. Do you want your web site changes so ti also works on tablets and phones?

Or if the pages are technically good but just look home made, we can use our commercial artists to make them look spectacular.

On-line shopping sites We can build all sizes of on-line sales sites using custom or generic databases adn payment gateways
On-line databases There are many reasons, other than shopping cart product lists, why you may need to have some form of database on line. We can quote to provide all of these. (For shopping carts see above)
On-line payment processing We can set up manual, semiautomatic or fully automated payment processing on your web site. Payment options can include direct bank deposit, credit card.

For automatic credit card processing the most basic web sites just link to one of the many on-line credit card processing services, but fees are high. At the other end of the spectrum we can set your web site up to link directly to your own bank merchant account and process credit card payments into it in real time.

There are many solutions in between these two extremes to suit different budgets, and we offer them all. This way you can start small and add to the level of automation as the on-line business grows and proves its worth. 

SSL (Security during payments) Most internet users who purchase on line are aware that they should only enter their credit card or personal details in a web site if the security lock is showing. (The image of the key changing colour in Netscape or the closed padlock in internet explorer tells they buyer that the page being sent to them is encrypted specifically to them so that others cannot tap into the information. Clicking on the lock provides details about the company who owns the SSL security lock providing additional confidence that the web site is what it claims to be.)

If you have a web site where purchasers need to enter their credit card details, you will increase your sales by 800% if you have the purchase page SSL encrypted.

We can organise purchase and/or hosting of your own SSL certificate, or we can set your purchasing page to operate within our own Easynet SSL license to save you money. Call to discuss.

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